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Ibiza Rocks

People love Ibiza.

Whether you are heading off on an 18 – 30’s trip or you are older and want to hit the more beautiful part of the island, it offers something for everyone. So when a friend of mine suggested I join them for an opening season trip because someone had dropped out, I jumped at the chance.

A long weekend in the sun, lying on the beach and dancing the night away? Yes please.

We boarded the flight on the Thursday evening after work, armed with Travel Insurance and suncream and I was full of excitement. I had heard the hype surrounding Ibiza and I was really excited to see if it was all it was cracked up to be.

And the island didnt fail to disappoint. It was sunny and gorgeous, and the days were spent in an idyllic location, kicking back and relaxing with a drink by the pool or laying on the white sand at the beach, sleeping off the night before.

And the evenings were insane! nightclubs bigger than anywhere I have ever been, and people covered in glow paint and brandishing whistles, ready to dance til dawn.

We were staying in San Antonio, and we had the chance to visit pacha and amnesia; two if the biggest clubs on the island. It was great fun although not something I would be able to do for more than a few days, but the atmosphere was less of the druggy feel that I thought it would be and more of a family orientated, fun place to visit.

Don’t get me wrong, the nightclubs were insane, but I found it to be a lovely place to spend a long weekend in the sun.

Have you ever been? How did you find the experience?