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My Great Big A-Z

I have a list of countries I want to visit, and I hope to cross them off as I complete my journey. I also have a bucket list of things I absolutely need to do when I’m there. Join in with me and help me on my travels….

A is for…

A is for Alaska. I love the idea of a wilderness where nature is completely in charge. And I want to see if its true that when a polar bear puts its paw over its nose, you can’t see him!

B is for…

B is for Bombay. Although the busyness worrys me, my Auntie spent a lot of her life there and loved it, so I need to check out what drew her back year after year.

C is for…

C is for conundrum. I can’t work out whether I would  rather wander about the weathered streets of Croatia, or visit the Great Wall of China… so lets have both shall we?

D is for…

D is for Denmark. I love books, and I want to see the Little Mermaid statue (I didn’t say there would be sense behind my reasoning!)

E is for…

E is for Ethiopia. Since watching The Long Way Down with Ewan McGregor the country has been calling me. I’ll be answering soon.

F is for….

F is for Fiji. Ah come on, it looks like paradise!

G is for…..

G is for island hopping in Greece. Sure, I went to Zakynthos as a teenager, but I want to see the land of the Gods in intricate detail. Plus I always read ‘The Island’ on holiday, and I want to go. If you haven’t read it you really should.

H is for…..

H is for Hong Kong. When I went to Oz I stopped in Singapore which was lovely and chilled but Hong Kong is supposed to be the polar opposite. Bustling and engaging, I need to visit and see what the fuss is about.

I is for…..

I is for Iceland. The husband of my cousin is Icelandic, and I want to go and see his mother land.

J is for…

J is for Jamaica. Reggae beats, rice and peas and some serious sun. Yes please!

K is for…

K is for Korea. North and South.

L is for…

L is for Laos. Its just so culturally different to anything I have experienced.

M is for…

M is for Madagascar. Interesting animals found nowhere else in the world, and like the lemur says “I like to move it move it!” (see the film!)

N is for…

N is for New Zealand. Mainly because a great friend of mine lives on the South Island, and I want to say hi!

O is for…

O is for Oman. Only becuase countries beginning with O are a bit thin on the ground!

P is for…

P is for Peru. I have a fascination wit the Aztecs and I would love nothing more to trek the Inca trail and see everything that they created in the country.

Q is for…

Q is for Quebec. I have been to Toronto but nowhere else in Canada and I have heard that it is beautiful. Technically not a country, but I have been to Qatar already.

R is for…

R is for Rwanda. My love of Africa stems from somewhere unknown, but it has always appealed to me.

S is for…

S is for St Lucia. It just looks so relaxing!

T is for…

T is for Thailand. The jungle, elephant trekking and walking and then the sandy beaches of Phi Phi. Bliss.

U is for…

U is for Uraguay. I have never been to South America, but a friend spent some time there on his travels and loved it. So I want to do the same.

V is for…

V is for Vietnam. Just because.

W is for…

W is for Washington DC. Again, not a country but I need to see the caital at some point.

X is for…

Im using X as my wildcard, where I will be going to Cambodia. Sorry guys!

Y is for…

Y is for Yeman. Yeah man!

Z is for…

Z is for sleeping when im done. zzzzz 🙂


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  1. What a fantastic idea for a list! I hope you’re able to visit and experience each place!!

  2. Nice list. I share some of your dreams here. Also wonderful and highly recommended are Egypt and Jordan. Oh, and just a technicality but if you want to see the Liberty Bell you’ll need to go to Philadelphia, not D.C. both fun cities for historical reasons. Get a yummy cheesteak when you visit Philly.

  3. what an amazing list ! how far have you gone with it ?

  4. ‘S’ should be South Africa!! You will find a very wide variety of beautiful here!! 🙂 **

  5. Great blog! I may have to follow your lead and start making lists now.

  6. Nice list. Maybe 26 letters are too few.

  7. I love your eclectic list Laura: I have been lucky enough to visit 50 countries in my work and life, but there are so many more I want to experience, and more that I want to go back to and learn more about. Lately, I hàve loved just landing in one spot and really getting to know it – I am writing this with my family in a little village in northern Italy, tucked into the Ligurian Alps. It’s a VERY long way from Australia, but it is very precious. Enjoy your wanderings!

  8. Q *is* for Québec indeed – if you adhere to the International Alphabet used in aviation that is 🙂

    Quebec City is probably the most beautiful city in Canada.

    With Québec, you will add “M for Montréal”, its main city, and and “J for Jazz” 😉

    Tks for reading my blog btw!


  9. Hey, I read your blog… It’s nice! You seem to have traveled a lot… Well I am from India and I have to tell you there are really good places here! Do visit India once!

  10. Very cute idea for a list. =) I am from Alaska and happy to see it on your list!

  11. Z is for Zimbabwe/Zambia. I can recommend the Victoria Falls and there is great whitewater rafting there. If you’re lucky you get to swim with crocs. If you’re unlucky you get to swim with hippos. 🙂 I loved it.

  12. Instead of O for Oman, it could be for OZ (which is what to call Australia if you are in the know). Good luck on all of your travels!

  13. Great list! :o) I see you were just in Barcelona, where I live now. I would recommend Cape Town for C (making your choice there even harder!) Will have to check back here in the future to see how you’re getting on with all of your travels.


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