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Spotlight On…..Brisbane


In 2008 I had the good luck to go and visit a friend in Brisbane. It was tinged with sadness as it was to see a very good friend who had moved home a few months back and who I missed, but edged with excitement as I got to see her little boy and her new baby!

I made the trip by myself as I couldn’t convince my then-boyfriend to go with me, and although I was excited, I was apprehensive. I had flown in Europe by myself before but the idea of pinging myself pretty much as far across the world as I could, and having to change flights in the middle of Asia was all a bit too much for me.

But when I got there it was worth it. I spent the majority of three weeks in the country going up and down the Sunshine and Gold Coast with my friend, taking in the sights and stopping at scores of different beaches along the way. Noosa, Wellington Point, Cleveland, Burleigh Heads, Currumbin, Coolangatta….

We drove to some of the pretties beaches ever since and I clambered up rocks and dug my toes into the sand while my Aussie friend sat and watched me, astounded at how I could be so enthralled with sand.

But I loved it. I loved that no one was on the beaches, and I could run up and down in thewind, dipping my toes inthe water and watching the wildlife.

When I tired we would stop for lunch or drive back to the city to pick the kids up.

And I loved Brisbane itself. It gave me a feel of London; a really cosmopolitan area but as small as my city at home, yet with this warm and friendly feel that I dont think I have ever felt elsewhere. I love how the Australians deal with a problem too. Nope, Brisbane doesn’t have a beach, so lets create an artificial one!

We visited Dreamworld, The Australia Zoo and some fantastic lookouts including Mount Coo-tha. I saw crocs and koalas, fed kangeroos and spent quality time with my nearest and dearest, and I would honestly go back in a flash.




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  1. Sounds like a fun vacation

  2. Frenchstralian

    Is it part of your job to travel like this?! you must be a platinum frequent flyer haha!


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