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Torrey Pines State Reserve

I have spent a lot of time in San Diego, but I wouldn’t go back there if I didn’t love it. I use it as a base to see some other places, but when I was there this year my sister and I decided that we would actually see the area around Del Mar and what our adopted home had to offer us. My sister had been in the country for three months and therefore had built a daily life there, doing nothing all day except embracing the slightly crazy Californian love of exercise.


So she decided that she would take me to explore Torrey Pines State Reserve. I love cliffs and the beach, but am not a fan of walking. “it’s not far” she said “and once you get to the top, its spectacular. YOU WILL LOVE IT”.
After about two minutes of walking up a steep incline I had had enough. It was hot, yet people were putting me to shame running up the hill in shell suits, of cycling up at breakneck speed. I didn’t think I would make it, and I wasn’t sure my Travel Insurance covered death by too much sweat.
After a handful of pit stops where we ‘stopped for a little breathe’ we made it to the top. And she hadn’t lied to me after all.

You could see down the coast for miles, and the ocean looked so pretty and calm at the bottom of the steep cliffs. I was in paradise. Why would I ever want to go home? Luckily the tide was low so we could clamber down the cliff paths to the beach at the bottom. My sister pointed out the old cliff paths that had eroded away thanks to the sea, and we meandered down the way to the beach at the bottom. We went and had a poke around flat rock, laughing at the kids chasing the crabs and just enjoying being carefree and happy as we chased the waves and ran back the safety of the cliffs. The tide came in as wound our way along the shore and back to the car, serene and calm after spending a pain free morning actually doing exercise.

If you ever get the chance and the weather is nice then don’t avoid taking the trip. It’s free and its beautiful, and you will really feel at peace when you stand at the top of the cliffs and marvel at the wonders of Mother Nature.


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  1. It looks really fun to be there! I really hope one day I can go to visit the U.S, and wander around its vast states.
    And I love what you said about travel insurance that doesn’t cover for death by too much sweat. Seriously, that was funny.

  2. It’s funny, I live on almost the other side of the world, but the beaches (well, some of them), look like yours…

    Same steep sandstone cliffs, and windy wooden paths.

    Looks like a lovely place, and thanks for visiting my latest page 🙂

  3. Love this BLOG!! Love to see where people are going and have been!!

    Love the pictures too!! Beautiful!


  4. Thanks for commenting on my blog. You have so many wonderful beach pictures I couldn’t pick my favorite. But, I had to write here because my sons are in the U.S. Marine Corps and went to boot camp in San Diego. I will be coming back to see where else you’re visiting.

  5. haeliandmalcolm

    Awesome! I grew up in Del Mar and I miss it so much!

  6. We are visiting san Diego this Christmas. Will be sure to check this out now! Thanks …

  7. I loved Torrey Pines when I was there a few months ago, you’re so close to the city but it feels worlds away 🙂

  8. A favorite memory of mine is of watching hang gliders from Torrey Pines. Your photos made me homesick!

  9. I have taken the same hike down from Torrey Pines to the beach and it is a beautiful walk. If you go there again, try to catch the same beach at sunset, it is truly breathtaking, with the cliffs and sunset reflected in the ocean waves and the beach, and makes great photos as well.
    Have you been to Self-Realization Fellowship meditation gardens up the road from Del Mar in Encinitas? If you haven’t, please stop by there. Also free and open to all, with meditation nooks here and there, and beautiful flowers and foliage, and peaceful ambience.

  10. Great blog…..informative and the pictures are b’ful

  11. GREAT Blog….informative and nice pictures


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