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The City Of Angels, Californ-I-Ay!

So I went to LA. Los Angeles, the City of Angels, The Big Smoke….. Never appealed to me but I thought seeing as I was over there I should probably make the effort, and I actually ended up seeing the city twice, by accident. The second time was by air which was an experienced, as my flight home through Chicago was cancelled and I had to get an ‘American Eagle’ (more like a sparrow!) back to LA to make a flight to get me home to London. (luckily I had travel insurance for that one; I had been toying with not bothering “bad stuff just doesn’t happen!”)

But the first was planned, and me and my sister took the car and drove the Pacific Coast Highway to the city. We went first to Hollywood, then Venice Beach, then Santa Monica Boulevard, followed by a drive home through the Orange County, spotting Laguna Beach, The Hills, Redondo Beach and some of the other places we remembered from the films.


I loved the idea of Hollywood, thinking of Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo and the BratPack, but in real life I spent a few hours feeling uncomfortable in a seedy location, having people talk directly to my boobs. I’m glad that I’ve been, but I won’t be rushing back.

Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier

Venice Beach had a really bohemian feel and we ran along the sand and dodged the roller bladers heading for us. We then walked the few miles to Santa Monica Pier, which was my favourite place in the whole road trip. There was a general air of fun, and we felt happy and serene as we played the pier games and dined on chips from a cone.

While we were there we did go to Universal Studios and Disney, but I’m going to cover them in another post as there is just too much going on with that. I will say that Disney is a whole other world and I think magic really does happen there.

Orange County

On our way home we drove down the Pacific Highway as far as Camp Pendleton and then got on the freeway. We had lunch at the end of Newport Pier which was absolutely delicious, and I looked out for dolphins as my sister watched the surfers perfecting their sport.

I think I’d like to live in the OC……


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  1. janiecelincoln

    Venice Beach has always been one of my favorite spots to visit 🙂


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