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48 Hours in ….. Palm Springs, CA

If you have forty-eight hours to spend relaxing, then you should take the trip to Palm Springs. We went because we were tired of the ‘June Gloom’ over San Diego, and wanted to make people think we had seen a little sun in our trip to see the family in the States!

So we drove inland to Palm Springs, and we weren’t disappointed. The drive took around two hours and I was fascinated to see how the landscape changed from the sea scenery in SD, getting more and more sandy and arid as we drove through Temecula, Sun City and the Moreno Valley, finally ending up in the resort, Rancho Las Palmas.

It was gorgeous. Not far from Coachella (the location of a festival which I seriously want to go to next year. This year my cousins informed me that their friends saw our very own Ellie Goulding, not to mention Brandon Flowers, Wiz Khalifa and Lauryn Hill. They weren’t allowed to go) you really are out in the desert, and you can feel it. Its warm and arid, so we found the hotel room and headed down to the pool. We swum til lit got dark and went and got some food, taking to bed pretty early.

And there was an earthquake in the night! Nothing massive, but enough to wake us all up and give our Aunt a call to let her know we were all safe and sound.

The next day we got up and did more of the same. the resort that we were staying in had an attraction called the Lazy River, which is a slow-moving rapid that you took a rubber ring and relaxed in. the water propelled you round and round, and we spent hours there just laying and catching the rays. I’m so pale that I couldnt even sit out in the heat of the day, so while my family went round and round on their rubber rings, I read a book under the safety of the parasol. We did this for two days, and then came home!

Palm Springs isn’t especially exciting; there isn’t anything to see really and if you are after an adrenaline packed few days then it wont suit you. in the winter you can go up into the hills and ski, but I love it in the summer. There’s nothing like a break from the busyness, and its SUCH a relax!!

In light of the earthquake and the fact that it is so hot out there and us Brits aren’t used to it, I would recommend taking travel insurance as America is so pricey for health bills. I went with Swiftcover travel insurance as I had limited funds, but I think that different insurance companies offer different benefits. If you plan to hit the powder on your trip then make sure that your policy covers ski injury in case you are as accident prone as me. I can just imagine falling off one of the ski lifts and doing myself a damage 🙂


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  1. What an amazing to photograph.

  2. Wow, talk about amazing photos! Thanks so much for visiting my blog so that I now know about yours – can’t wait to catch up on all the cities you’ve written on!

  3. Beautiful photos! That looked like quite an adventure! 🙂

  4. I’ve only been to Palm Springs once, but it was so much fun! I look forward to going back and exploring a little bit more.

  5. I love heading to Palm Springs for pretty much just doing nothing. Lazing by the pool, relaxing, taking in the desert scenery and catching up on my sleep. I pretty much turn in to the locals when im there – early dinner, cocktails and early to bed. It’s the best place in the States for relaxing and unwinding. I love it. In fact, I am taking my wild group of friends there for my bachelorette next year. We will be living la vida loca, by the pool and in the spa! I cant wait.


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