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Welcome to the Carribean – Beautiful Barbados

When my mum got married a few years ago she decided that she would like to do it abroad. “Brilliant” we thought “somewhere hot please!” and she didn’t fail to disappoint. So in the early spring we boarded a flight bound for Barbados.

Barbados was a place that I thought I would only dream about. The destination of celebrities who have their own private beaches and spa resorts, I had resigned myself to never being able to afford to visit the Caribbean, so I was super excited. I’m not the sort of person that likes to lay on the beach for days and do nothing, so the idea seemed like a little bit of a novelty. Armed with a small library full of books I intended to do absolutely nothing, and enjoy it.

In honesty, there isn’t a lot to do on the island. It’s geared up for people who are looking to get away and sit by the pool or at the beach. We went out on a catamaran tour organised by Virgin on two of the days, and it was fantastic; swimming with the turtles, snorkelling and swimming from the boat to the shore. We had a fantastic BBQ on board, and spent the whole day basking in the sun and throwing ourselves off the deck into the water. Wicked.

The appeal of Barbados is that it’s sunny most of the time, but there is a constant sea breeze that makes it bearable. If it rains the water is warm and it passes so quickly that you can simply lie there and wait, like being in the shower. The waters surrounding the west of the island are tepid and calm, so make a great respite if it gets too hot, and they are shallow enough that you can swim without being in any danger of it getting too deep.

I know it’s hard to believe, but the all inclusive holiday idea isn’t for me. I love the thrill of turning up in a new place and familiarising myself with the local cuisine and the great places to eat, but on an all inclusive trip I find that you feel bound to the hotel; to eat, sleep and bathe in the place, after all, you’ve paid for it! Yet if you need to get away and just relax in the sun then there is no better place than Barbados.


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  1. My Mean Ex-Mother-In-Law

    I really like your blog and your pictures are beautiful! If you ever make it up to Washington one of these days, keep my email address in mind (, as I love recommending places to visit, see, and eat! Thanks for commenting on my Photographer Will Travel … blog this morning too.:) Happy travels!


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