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48 Hours In…. San Francisco

When people think about a city break in America you often hear the popular ones being bandied about… Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Miami. Fine, they all sound great but I don’t think they will ever be a patch on one of my favourite cities in the States… San Francisco.

I know I love California and everything it has to offer and so I am biased, but San Francisco is really fantastic.

We got there, tired after having to circle the airport for a further hour because of maintenance issues, but after seeing Tiffany across the block we soon perked up. Cue an afternoon of shopping, with a stop at the Cheesecake factory for refreshments. I’ve never spent so much money in such a short amount of time and I loved it!

The next morning we head down to Pier 39, booked tickets for Alcatraz (come on, you HAVE TO!) and then poodled around Fishermans Wharf, visiting the Aquarium and the other delights that the area has to offer. We then went back and boarded the boat to the most ominous island in the world… Alcatraz.

It was brilliant. The heat scorched as we made our way up the island and around the penitentiary, seeing where the criminals who were too bad for mainland prisons had eaten, slept and worked out till their sentence was over. The wind blew through the corridors and the clouds darkened until we felt suppressed, and that it was time to leave.

That evening we visited a restaurant that had only garlic dishes on the menu, and made a trip to Lombard Street which is supposed to be the steepest street in the world. We had a final snack in the roof cafe in the hotel taking the time to peer out at the Golden Gate Bridge, and then made the journey to the airport.

Make sure that if you are in California that you take the time to visit San Francisco. I only regret not having more than forty eight hours in such a wonderfully chic city.


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  1. You’ve seen and done more in San Francisco than I have, and I live 3 hours away from it!

  2. Great post. I love California too. Wish I could try the garlic restaurant. Sound amazing.

  3. Island traveler

    I’m so impressed. What you ventured in48 hours is more than some Californians has ever ventured. San Francisco will always be special to me and my wife. There’s something magical about the place , the bay, it’s people, the pier, cable cars, the town square, the food. I hope to revisit one day. Thank you for the wonderful post. It felt like I was there once again. Thanks for the visit too.

  4. It feels like reliving the enchanting San Francisco once again. Thank you. Every part of the post is beautiful. I miss Pier 39 and more.

  5. I’ve enjoyed my visits to California but haven’t had the chance to get back to San Francisco in some years. Your cable car photo is great!

  6. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I lived in the Bay Area for a couple years when I was a kid, but San Francisco is definitely on my list of places to go back to.

  7. Dreaming of San Francisco after reading your post!

  8. I’ve been there once and you covered all the hot spots. Fantastic photos. I am ready to return.

  9. Ahhhh San Francisco is on my list to visit someday….I just love those hills!

  10. Amazing photos! It is good to hear that you didn’t get caught in a sequel of The Rock!


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